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An enchanting day filled with love and excitement! The brisk winds and warm sunlight provided a perfect setting for Eric and Perry's engagement. Capturing such a special moment behind the bushes was both thrilling and heartening. And the handwritten note, adding to the emotion of the moment, is simply beautiful.

Strolling through the picturesque grounds, reminiscing about their journey from UVA and now venturing into a new chapter in Atlanta. Witnessing the merging of two lives and the start of a new adventure together is always super sweet!

Wishing Eric and Perry all the happiness and joy as they embark on this exciting journey as a newly engaged couple!

James Monroe Highlands was their first date. So wonderful to reminisce!

I try to capture moments of love and bliss. I always guide couples to pretend as if I am not there, As with any Engagement session it's about you! I will guide you and give you activities to try and capture the best candid moments.


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