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What a wonderful day to meet a family for photos. The day prior was a storm filled day of rain, hail and snow! So to wake up to a morning of sunshine sure made the weekend a bit better!

This sweet family was with children close to the age of mine so I knew right off the bat that their session was going to be an easy one! It was early but they all pulled through and made the best of the photo session for their parents.

I am so lucky to meet the families that I do in Massanutten. Most are just there to create a few bonding moments of beautiful views and fun activities. AND to get a new updated photo of their family which I love to be a apart of.

I can't say enough how fast time flies and your children change every year. It is so important to make the time for families to have a family session. I can guarantee it's

easy, fun, and an amazing way to display your family in the best light on your gallery walls.

Contact me for a session date. I am happy to offer you dates that work well with your vacation schedule. We will pick a day late in the afternoon close to sunset. I am happy to guide you the best I can to decide on outfits, and pep talks to give your family for the best outcome of 30 minutes of time.


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